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London Man and van, Man with a Van

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Our reliable and friendly "Man and Van" Hire service has strong reputation in the North West London because we give value to customers. It is just like hiring a van but our talented staff will do the entire hard job for you.

  • 1, 2 or 3 men available per van – We do the driving, loading and unloading for you
  • Competitive hourly or daily rate – As little a couple of hours to a day or more
  • No job too small – Ideal for furniture, part loads, pallets, collections, urgent items
  • You can help load and unload – It speeds things up and keeps your costs down
  • 7-Day, 24-Hour with no premium on weekend work!
  • Range of van sizes to suit every job
  • To and from London and the whole of UK and Europe

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